Our Team



This is not Ken’s first rodeo. He is the CEO of a consortium of special event and floral décor companies that have been active in providing a whole host of event production services to small, large and very large corporate events for over twenty years. Oddly enough, the very start of building these burgeoning business entities was starting a strictly floral company called Floral Affairs of Washington.

In a matter of speaking, he has come full circle in creating yet another strictly floral décor company Garden Vivien. This time with a mission of service in honor of his late daughter Vivien. He invites you to read “about her” on this same site.

Ken is very excited, indeed passionate about building this very new Luxury Brand floral event and design company that serves the local community and is true to its stated mission. He plans to use this platform to raise awareness about the fine work of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and other charitable needs.



Sara was born in a field of flowers... Not really, but she has been in the floral business practically since birth, and started her career in one of DC's most prestigious family-owned boutique floral shops. Over the past decade, she has honed her craft by styling hundreds of weddings and corporate events, and her expertise extends to table design, furnishings, drape, lighting, and more. With an eye for detail and a knack for understanding how all of these details work together to create a swoon-worthy event space, our clients entrust Sara to bring their wildest dreams to life. 



Michelle Jin is as they say “at the center of the storm.” While the story of Vivien is headed About Her, it is also about her, Michelle. She is our Senior Designer, Creative Director and Inspirationalist if you will. At some hours we think that all of Michelle’s beautiful creations, indeed her energy and passion is being channeled through Vivien’s equally beautiful. 

Her artistic talent for intricate, detailed drawing was discovered at a very early age.She has always toiled in the fashion industry – jewelry, cosmetics, hair accessories and fashion styling on the West Coast, and now here in Washington DC.

In the last four years Michelle has found her true passion – flowers! She is most happy creating new, unique floral arrangements with daring mixtures of color, texture and dimension that are her own. Nearly all of her clients express their appreciation for the gifts she creates on their behalf always careful to personally curate each design so that it best expresses the client’s sentiment. This is in part why all of those who have viewed her work have rated her with Five Stars.

Branding? Michelle’s Garden Vivien is its own unique brand. She puts her hand on every flower and like every famous Luxury Brand Stylist, she packages each floral gift with very unique materials imported. This feature helps identify her work and adds value to each creation thereby keeping her “at the center of the storm.”