Orchid Care

Georgia O'Keefe left many paintings of flowers, but she symbolized femininity by enlarging flowers. A woman is often compared to a flower and a man to a butterfly. Phalaenopsis is derived from palaina, which means ‘butterfly’ and opsis, which means ‘similar to’. It’s origin is Southeast Asia such as Himalayas, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of them are epiphytic plants that attach to trees or rocks in humid areas, put their roots in the air, and ingest nutrients or moisture.  
The flowering period is long and the flowers are arranged in an arched shape, giving an elegant feel. White, pink, pale yellow white, and yellow brown flowers bloom between November and March. The flowers have more stalks and branches, and the smaller the species the more voluminous, so it can be planted alone.


Please follow these tips in caring for these elegant orchids.

Watering - Be careful not to over-humidify the roots, but keep the humidity around 70-80%. You can give it a six ounce drink of water weekly.

Light - Leave in a bright place that get ambient light such as a balcony or window but not too close to the window when temperatures are extremely warm or cold, These grow well in half shaded rooms. Be careful as petals may dry out in strong light.

Temperature - The optimum temperature for growth is 25 to 28 degrees centigrade (77 to 82 F) during the day and 18 to 21 degrees centigrade (64 to 69 F) at night. It is weak against low temperatures in winter, so the minimum temperature should not drop below 15 degrees centigrade.

Did you know?

To see the secondary flower after the flower has fallen, cut off the middle part of the flower or remove only the withered flower, and another flower stalk will sprout. To make it bloom, cut it off with about two segments left from the leaf and wait for flowering the next year.

Orchid Greenhouse

Our orchids are grown in greenhouses, totalling 60,000 sq.ft., with automatic environmental controls built in 2005 and 2007, maintain all stages of plants and house approx. 50,000 plants (2”, 4” and 6” pots) with several varieties. The use of cutting edge technology in our greenhouses helps us to grow the highest quality orchid plants.

orchid plantorchid plantorchid plant

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