The Vintage Vibe of Preserved Flowers

Few things are more on trend than stunning arrangements designed with preserved florals. These beauties essentially have an endless shelf life so the appeal for weddings is fairly high. You are creating a unique keepsake from your special day that isn’t simply a photograph, but a physical emblem of your love story with a beautiful scent memory included. 
Before we get to the arrangements, I want to quickly dispel a common misconception first…dried flowers (and for that matter silk flowers) are definitely not less expensive than fresh. The time involved in properly preserving them increases the cost dramatically, but you are also left with a gorgeous creation that will last as long as you care for it properly. These are absolutely jaw-dropping designs, but be mindful that they can come with a hefty price tag. 
**Hops off soapbox**
For this gorgeous ceremony we focused on a vintage look with bohemian accents. The combination of preserved and fresh florals in a soft, muted palette lets the array of textures be an absolute feast for the eyes. Bleached tendrils of soft pampas grass are matched by long feathery plumes. Little peeks of color from lavender and yarrow create beautiful accents among the neutral earth tones. 
Muted color, dried flower ceremony display in front of church altar
As always, we want our lovely bride to be the focal point, and this piece is no exception. A single open white King Protea is nestled amidst sprigs of lavender, architectural orbs of scabiosa, and delicate gypsophila. Wispy bleached grass and dried greens give this design an elegant wildflower feel. 
Dried flower bride bouquet
Boutonnieres can often times be a fairly commonplace accessory, but this is an area to add some really spectacular accents and tie into the overall motif. The rustic combination of fragile lavender and bleached wheat makes it feel like they were plucked from a Provençal meadow on a romantic whim. 
Dried lavender and wheat boutonierre
The asymmetrical design of the elevated centerpieces is a lovely juxtaposition of fresh and dried elements. Elegant white roses are offset by structural palm fronds and soft cotton globes. The vintage feel is further enhanced by antique brass footed vases and mercury glass votives. 
Dried flowers and rose centerpiece in gold bowl for wedding reception
The vase of musty dried flowers from your Grandmother’s house have definitely been reinvented! Beyond being a way to add depth and dimension to arrangements, dried florals allow you to extend the life of your flowers indefinitely. The sustainable quality means there is not a lot of floral waste as these will be preserved mementos for the couple and their guests. They are also extremely versatile to a wide range of aesthetic styles so designers can take them virtually any creative direction necessary. Feeling boho chic or ultra modern? Let us design the perfect preserved accent for your ceremony and your coffee table!
Close-up of dried flower arrangement in front of purple and blue wall

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