The Gentle Art of Substitution

We all have those set-in-stone, “must haves” that will just send the event over the top. Whether it is the “exact” shade of peach chiffon your grandmother wore at her wedding, the too-adorable-to-be-real ivy-draped cottage, or an instagrammable floral arch that will keep everyone a-buzzing, we just have to have it! However, we all (should) know that the world will continue to turn without permission and regardless of those little details, this day is the beginning of an incredible journey with the love of your life. That feeling of elation may trickle down to the flowers, venue, and decor, but all that falls by the wayside when you look into your love’s eyes and whisper those magic words…

Now sometimes those must haves are already booked for another lucky bride. Sometimes Mother Nature deems her flowers only to be available for about two weeks in the spring with a pretty hefty price tag (I’m looking at you Lily-of-the-Valley), and sometimes time and money are conspiring against you. Never fear!! There is always another option, always an alternative look, always a similar feel. This industry will bend over backwards to make sure that the day absolutely shines for you, but sometimes there may be a concession. Keep an open mind and these professionals will continue to work their magic to create the perfect day. They want the same experience you do and certainly don’t want you to walk away unhappy. While we absolutely want to make your vision shine, there also needs to be a realistic expectation of what is feasible based on budget, time, and season. Second choice doesn’t mean second best! Maybe it turns out that the only design that can be done is that must-have bridal bouquet… it will be SPECTACULAR and you will still be a vision for your beloved. Always.

So reach out. Share your vision, share your joy, and let us help tell your unique love story through flowers!

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