New Summertime Items

Ocean View, Rays of Sunshine, Mojito 

Bring on the Beach
The waves are whispering their sultry siren call. For that natural look at the beach, shell accents play host to an array of textures. Delicate blue hydrangea are mixed with soft succulents and dotted with eryngium’s prickly globes. Tropical greens add to the depth created by the asymmetrical design while maintaining a low visual profile. The salty air and soft breezes are beckoning!
Fields of Summer
One of Pantone’s 2021 colors is Illuminating, a lovely yellow tone trying to drag us out of our doldrums and into a sunnier, more aspirational future. Rustic sunflowers mixed with fiery celosia and pom pom ranunculus capture that bold summer look of the sun’s soft light dappling through fields of wildflowers, promising a bright tomorrow. The little pops of blue thistle break up the the warm summery look and add a cool tone to the design. 
Tone and Texture
Monochrome doesn’t have to be a boring expression. Using a gradient mix of green tones with a variety of textures creates a bold pop of color against a simple backdrop. Nestled amidst fuzzy spirals of coxcomb are fluffy trick and celosia with elegant Moonstruck garden roses. A citrusy accent gives it just that perfect summer pop, and reminds us that our cocktail glass may need a refill. 

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