Extend Your Life

In our previous post we made reference to extending your love and passion by suggesting you request a longer rose stem length. Today Garden Vivien suggests you extend the life of your love. That is the life of the Tulips (Red Revolution) or any other flowers such as Peony (Soft Love) or Sorbonne lilies (Passion) or even Calla lilies (A Calla Affair) whichever one best expresses your sentiment.


extend your life with garden vivien

At the risk of stating the obvious, please oh please oh please do not place your floral arrangement near a heat duct or in a place where the air is stagnant. Flowers do really well when placed in a room that has a fan - oh yeah!


Soft Love


Another great thing to know is that flower varietals do not drink at the same rate. Some flowers such as lisianthus (Pink and Red Alert) hardly drink while tulips and peony are waterholics (is this a word?).
So, be sure to add water to your arrangement within 24 hours of receipt and then again after another 48 hours. 
And another thing, after three days, recut (on an angle)the stems of the flowers and reinsert quickly afterward. This too will extend the life of your arrangement and perhaps test your design skills unless you cheat of course and photograph the arrangement before pulling it apart.
Take a stab at it.
You may have missed your calling.
There you have it. Three simple and yes somewhat obvious tips for extending the life of your floral gift.
At Garden Vivien we Love (Compact Love) to share our knowledge and experience.

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