Bountiful Floral Fantasies for the Coziest Family Meal

Fall is such a gorgeous time...The mornings have a brisk feel, leaves are starting to show offtheir brilliant rust and gold tones, and there’s a unique scent in the air full of warm spices and campfire smoke. Fall flowers are a beautiful juxtaposition of the summer’s vibrant tones transitioning to a deeper palette with a rustic, minimalistic feel. At Garden Vivien, we love the hues and texture that the cooler months bring and try to capture it with arrangements like our Hello Fall!

cozy fall tablescape
As we start to gather together to break bread, drink merry, (and let’s be honest, hopefully slough off the last vestiges of 2020) we naturally want to add some floral accents to the table.

Let’s skip the cornucopia and the long centerpiece with tapered candles, shall we? There is such an array of amazing seasonal flora that can be incorporated into arrangements which will branch out from a typical holiday bouquet! Whether your aesthetic is understated (like our "Shades of Green") or extravagant, a few little tweaks to your selections will create a unique autumnal look that will set your table apart.

Even though the fall colors this year are trending rich with deep tones of amber, umber, and olive, a monochromatic expression can capture your perfect holiday look. With so many gorgeous local options available, we are ready to pull out the creative stops to design something truly stellar!
If you are going for something a bit whimsical or rustic, incorporate natural accents like fuzzy millet or wheat with fluffy pampas grass and dried lotus pods. Accent them with frilly purple kale, heavenly pomegranates, or green persimmons to add brilliant pops of color and texture amidst the soft, neutral tones. Small clusters near your platters will show off your bountiful table. 

For a bold take on the traditional autumnal look, long fronds of bittersweet interspersed with delicate burgundy orchids and tropical anthurium create a visual dance of beauty. Soft feathers play against the architectural feel of king proteas and create a feast for the eyes.

A stylish wildflower design including wispy Queen Anne’s Lace, geometric orbs of scabiosa, and prickly stems of eryngium shows off a bevy of textures that draws the eye in every direction. Use this as your floral showpiece with some simple greenery and elegant candles as
a runner down the table.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Some of us just prefer elegant simplicity, and a gorgeous garland of eucalyptus greens and magnolia leaves with a few small neutral-toned gourds will add a natural touch of beauty to complement your holiday festivities without overwhelming the table.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

So whether it’s a bold technicolor dream or a monochromatic vision of beauty, we are here to help festoon your table with the perfect accents for you and your loved ones to gather around. 

Let us take care of the florals while you handle the feast! Check out the fall collection on our website or call or email us at with your custom request. 

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