Bloom Indoor and Out this Spring!

After a long winter, we are welcoming the sounds of backyard birds in trees bursting with early spring buds. Cheery daffodils and fragrant hyacinth are among the first flowers to spring up in the DC region starting in March, before seventy degree days and milder nights usher in an explosion of vibrant growth. Soon, the fragile seedlings we tend will become large, fruit and flower bearing plants. Like these flowers, we too will emerge from our dormancy to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I know I can’t be alone when I say I’d work among the flowers all day if I could!


...but who says we can’t?!


The truth is, many spring varieties last a long time once they’re cut and placed in water. Here’s five of our favorite seasonal blooms and their approximate longevity when freshly cut. You’ll most certainly be surprised at some of these!


1. Hydrangea - Did you know the name hydrangea comes from the Greek words for water and jar? This makes a lot of sense, considering they need a lot of water to support their oversized clusters of delicate petals. But there’s a reason these blooms are considered a favorite for spring weddings and events. They come in an ombre of colors, depending on PH level, ranging from white to blues to pinks, and even deep purples, green, and even deep red! Life expectancy with ample water and a little TLC: 7-10 days. 

Pro Tip: cut the stem with a sharp knife at an angle every 2 days and submerge in water for a bath to restore perky petals.


2. Tulips - Many would consider tulips  the epitome of spring beauty. A perennial bulb species, their tuberous stems support showy flowers in nearly every color of the rainbow - besides black and blue! Striking as a mono-varietal bouquet or tucked in a mixed bouquet, tulips generally live 4-5 day but can go way longer with fresh water.

Pro TipCut a little gash in the mid-stem to prevent them from stretching in strange directions. Tulips tend to change shape as they drink water, which means your arrangement could look completely different a few days after its assembled!


3. Peonies - If you’ve ever gotten a bouquet of fresh peonies, you know their tight buds start off looking like a tight round lollipop. As each frilly petal breaks loose, the stunning pink or white flower becomes fluffy and large, with a distinctive sweet fragrance.  Life expectancy from tight bud is approximately 7-10 days.

Pro Tip: Remove the glossy leaves that fall beneath the water line to prevent bacteria from building up. This will help ensure your peony lasts as long as possible once it starts opening. If they arrive tight and you need to use them for an event, place them in warm (but not hot!) water in a well-lit room.


4. Hyacinth - True hyacinth are early spring bloomers.  Their lingering fragrance is considered overwhelming to some people, while others revere the bulb flower for it. Short stalks support clusters of bell-shaped flowers ranging from blue to lavender to white and even soft pinks.
Life expectancy is approximately 4-5 days from the time the buds open.

Pro Tip - soft hyacinth stems are prone to growing bacteria and rotting so it’s important to completely remove layered leaves and change the water frequently.


5. Ranunculus - A dainty varietal with rose-like features, ranunculus have a thin and hollow stem. It should come as no surprise that these colorful blooms have become a staple of spring weddings in the DMV and around the world. However, they should always be handled with care and we wouldn’t recommend doing a DIY wedding with ranunculus. Life expectancy is unopened when received: 5-7 days.

Pro Tip: Ask your florist to insert thin wires in the stems to prevent wilting. These flowers are notorious for crimping at the base of the bloom and this prevents proper hydration.


As you have learned, many of the spring flowers we know and love can be enjoyed even in your home or office. Enjoy the color and aroma of the spring all week long with a cut flower arrangement. Contact us today for something spectacular, but first let us know what your favorite spring flower is!


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