Fall Wedding Spotlight at Washington's Classic Omni Shoreham

Since so many couples have put off their weddings for a year, if not more, it’s all the more fantastic when a day turns out pretty much perfect. From venue, to vendors, and even weather, when the elements all come together, it makes the wait worthwhile (we hope)!

Taking place at DC’s Omni Shoreham Hotel, the romantic and moody fall tone of the wedding was set at the Terrace’s gazebo. Modern meets vintage with the stone structure flanked by two stately pedestal pieces with cascading greens and amaranths. The lush design was full of the bride’s favorite varietals of cream and ivory roses, lisianthus, and dahlias. Deep red roses and elegant cymbidium orchids added a dramatic effect to the neutral palette. 

As always, we want our brides to be a beam of radiant light! Soft white roses, dahlias, and lisianthus were complemented by blue-eyed anemones and textural eryngium. Wispy burgundy astilbe and amaranthus added deep pops of color throughout her bouquet. Loosely designed with gunni eucalyptus accents, the overall look was a pure romantic vision. Smaller versions with the same floral assortment were created for the Matron of Honor and bridesmaids.

The Diplomat Ballroom, with its dramatic burgundy drapes, was a gorgeous complement to the elegant color palette. The ceremony pedestals were re-purposed for the king table and created depth and dimension with the flowing table-length garlands dotted with additional flowers. Serpentine coils of amaranthus carried the rich red tone down the length of the table.

Complementary centerpieces in gold mercury glass with silver mercury votives dressed the reception tables. For these pieces, both the container and the loose, airy asymmetrical design nodded to a modern vintage feel that was carried throughout the entire space. 

This palette is so gorgeous in fall and winter, but regardless of the season, we are ready when you are to design YOUR perfectly romantic day. Working with seasonal availability, we will start with your favorite flowers and color scheme and build the day that is iconically you. We want to make the love that you and your partner share absolutely shine!

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